We are Tech Natives.

Our approach

Tech Natives provides coding lessons for children, led by our friendly coding tutors. Lessons for our students take place at home* or online, individually or as a small group.

Developed by teachers, our fun and exciting curriculum allows inquisitive young minds to develop a healthy understanding of technology. From self-driving cars to virtual animals, whichever interest your child wishes to explore, we are there to guide them.

*Home tutoring is currently available within Greater London, however we also encourage those in other areas to get in touch!

Our Process

We learn.

We always start by getting to know a bit about what you're looking for and answer any questions you have with a phone call or via email. You will also be able to tell us about what values are most important to you in your child's education.

We match.

We personally train all of our tutors, so we know each of them very well. Once we get to understand your child and what you want, we'll suggest a Tech Native mentor to you that we think will be best able to inspire and entertain your child!

We nurture.

We work very closely with our tutors to deliver the best lessons for all of our children. We'll make sure everything is going well by following up with your tutor after every lesson and planning the next steps for your child. We'll also keep you up-to-date with a report on every lesson.

Our Tutors

The driving force behind our mission.

Our tutors have all been selected as industry leaders and study in the top UK and European universities. They are selected not only for being experts in their field, for their capability to deliver fun and engaging lessons. Each one is DBS-checked and extensively trained to deliver our industry-leading courses - we're very proud of the work they do!

Our Founders

And why we're here.

Haslam Kellett

Programme Manager

Haslam holds a MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester, and is now a Data Science and Analytics consultant. He has worked with Sony Interactive Entertainment, a music label and a multinational NGO, creating applications and strategies which demystify the mountain of Big Data that swamps big companies.

Jonny Jackson

Head of Learning

Jonny has been teaching coding to children for more than three years now and is also an active researcher in Medical Artificial Intelligence at King's College London. He's worked on everything from humanitarian drones to virtual heart modelling, but his passion is making complicated concepts understandable for anyone.

Our Curriculum

Coding made accessible.

All ages!

Our Foundations syllabus teaches industry-level languages such as Python but avoids all of the unfriendly jargon, while serving as the perfect launch-point for future development.

Get hands-on straight away with bite-sized challenges involving self-driving cars, caring for a virtual pet or writing an interactive story.

Ages 9+

Students on our Developers syllabus start to establish their fluency with the language and intricacies of coding, with an emphasis on problem-solving and independence.

Projects are more open-ended and cover a whole range of tasks including game design, physics simulation and digital art.

Ages 13+

In our experience, there's really no limit to how far our students can develop their coding skills, often rivalling the ability of final year university students and even professionals.

The Championship is our growth-mindset challenge arena for the most advanced students to learn from each other - and themselves.

1200+ hours of coding lessons delivered already

"Our Tech Natives tutor is a great teacher, the quality and passion they put into tutoring is extraordinary which, once matched with their professional and welcoming attitude, creates a wonderful combination. I couldn’t praise them ever enough for passing to my children the perfect love for coding."

Luca de L., Maida Vale. Started lessons in 2017.


Our regular lessons are 90 minutes long and take place either in your home or online.

Weekly lessons
  • Lesson reports
  • Digital Citizenship coaching
  • Tailored careers guidance
  • "Welcome to Coding!" pack
  • And much more...
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