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With music lessons, you don’t just want children to learn a few basic songs, you hope that those lessons can instill a passion for self-expression and creativity in your child that will continue wherever they go in their future. At Tech Natives, we have created our curriculum to take our students much further than learning a few simple games. Our aim is that children can leave school with a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of digital technology, while also retaining the problem solving capabilities which are intrinsic in learning to code.

Yes! There are several benefits in multiple children learning together, we have found that when one student struggles to grasp a topic, their learning partner can offer their own unique understanding which is a great learning experience for both students as one gains understanding faster while the other solidifies their own. In situations where the age or experience of each student differs greatly, we may recommend that they receive lessons independently so each student can work through the material that’s right for them.

As with any hobby, it’s important to incorporate coding into a healthy and active lifestyle. We place great value on children’s online habits and personal safety, for this reason we have developed our Digital Citizenship program to help our students understand how to keep themselves safe and informed in an increasingly digital world. We hope to guide our students down a path that takes their relationship with computers from that of a follower to a leader.

After a couple of months in our Developers course, you could say that a student knows how to code. The learning process doesn’t finish here though, like learning the piano or any other skill, students can learn as much or as little as they wish to, however true mastery requires years of dedicated practise. Of course, we don’t expect to be teaching them the whole way, but we do hope to provide them with the knowledge and skills they will need to make this journey.

We work hard to keep your desired learning outcomes in mind and are happy to create custom lessons which help you achieve them. If you have any questions or queries on the kind of topics we can teach, please get in touch by emailing

All we need is the student and any brand of laptop or desktop personal computer. We will take care of the rest! Our lessons are conducted on an online platform so that our students can access their projects anywhere with an internet connection.

Our courses currently focus on teaching the Python programming language, this is for three reasons: It’s widely used in industry, it's incredibly versatile and it is very comprehensible to people with no coding experience.

We like to "preach what we practice" by leveraging the network of experts that are our very own tutors. That allows us to feed super-current industry knowledge into the curriculum that we are continuously developing. This website was created by one of us - and they continue to teach several of our students to this day!

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